Traditional House in East Kalimantan Full, Pictures And Explanation

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Custom House East Kalimantan province is called with the name Lamin's House. The House has a basic form of Lamin a rectangle with a length of approximately 200 meters, and a width of 20-25 meters. Custom homes are usually built facing the river. The characteristic of this traditional house i.e. There are wooden sculptures are large as the statue offerings to ancestors.

Lamin custom homes is the home stage and using the roof shape of the saddle. Under this traditional House as high as 4 meters. To ascend to the home of lamin using ladder-shaped wooden stair steps ditakik-notch and usually on the move-move or pulled to the top. The form of a traditional house made in the form of home staging aims to anticipate the threat of enemy attack or wild animals. There are long on the front porch of the House that serves as the Lamin venue for ceremonies such as marriage, childbirth, death, and other ceremonies. Lamin's House is usually occupied by as many as 12 families led by chiefs.

Lamin's House is usually equipped with certain ornaments. Many lack the ornament at home lamin symbolize degrees of homeowners. Dragon head ornaments and Hornbill are usually located in the roof of the Manor House. The ornament symbolizes courage and high degrees of human beings.
Traditional house in East Kalimantan Full, pictures and Explanation

Rumah adat Dayak Kalimantan timur used the material in the form of ulin wood. Ulin wood is wood from trees ulin in the jungles of Borneo. The wood is very strong and even if exposed to water hardness of wood is increasingly strong. Ulin wood used as building materials home Lamin on poles, walls, and alas this lamin custom homes.

Lamin's House parts consists of living room, bedroom and kitchen. Guest room-shaped space length on the mats used for receiving guests or meeting rooms of custom. Room to sleep generally consists of the bedroom for male and for female sleeping in separate form. There is also a bedroom for married couples.

Traditional house in East Kalimantan has a characteristic form of contrasting colors on the ornaments and wall hangings on the walls of the House of Lamin. The dominant colors in the architecture of this traditional House is a yellow color that symbolizes authority, courage, black shade and the color white symbolizes cleanliness of soul.

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